3 NGOs in India That Have Gone Out of Their Way Amid COVID-19

We live in a time where humanitarian aid is a crucial part of society. When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, it wreaked havoc across the globe. Daily wage workers, rural communities, farmers, weavers, artisans, and even stray animals were left in the lurch. With no support, these communities bore the brunt of the pandemic. But, like a ray of hope in the darkest of times, NGOs and social enterprises came forward to help the under-privileged.

Here are a few NGOs that you can trust to weave a social fabric of change.


Goonj, for the past 19 years, has strived to inculcate in urban India the culture of mindful giving. Their aim has been to walk into the depths of rural communities to empower the people while ensuring the utmost dignity. They embarked on this journey with the sole mission of giving value to local resources and capabilities. People in villages work to build bridges, dig wells, construct buildings, and involve in other related activities. In return, they deserve reward, not charity.

Goonj instills this fact in the minds of people who donate. For them, the dignity of the receivers is more important than anything. They believe in enabling the needy and not just supporting them.

Innumerable amounts of surplus materials are processed every year to conduct over 3000 development projects across rural India. For example, clothes that are donated are turned into essential materials such as sanitary pads, Asanas, etc. Such activities offer livelihood support for people who need it the most.

Goonj also ensures instant support for people in times of sudden distress. During cyclone Amphan, their West Bengal team reached out to over 5000 affected families to provide relief. As per their latest report released on June 8, 2020, they provided COVID relief support to over 100,000 families across India.

Voice of Slum

Voice of Slum was founded by two former slum-dwellers Dev Pratap Singh and Chandni Khan. Once rag-pickers, these duo joined hands to educate slum children for bringing them into mainstream society. Chandni and Dev knew what it was like to live in the slums. Even worse, Dev had seen days of depression. After his mother’s demise, he knew he had to do something that gave him purpose in life. It was then that he, along with Chandni, turned to the idea of Voice of Slum.

Together they decided to empower slum kids with education. Dev and Chandni didn’t limit their help to slum kids. In times of distress, they always prepared themselves for reaching out to the needy. During the Coronavirus outbreak, Dev sought the support of Noida Police to feed the daily wage labourers. They distributed 5 Lakh meals among poor families and sent ration kits to 200 less privileged homes in Noida. In addition, the VOS team also stood by the COVID-19 warriors by providing masks, sanitizers, and face shields.


Sphoorti Foundation is a Hyderabad based charitable organization with the sole mission of empowering underprivileged children through education. It came into existence in August 2006 with only 3 kids and 2 caretakers. At present, they’re supporting 250 children, out of which 132 are boys and 118 are girls. The age group varies between 5 and 20. Most of the children reside in their Dundigal campus and the rest are scattered across residential colleges in Hyderabad.

The foundation’s aim is to provide food, clothing, shelter, education, and health care to the poor kids. Apart from school and college education, they get enlightened on life, vocational, and employment skills. Their campus is enriched with facilities such as a library, computer lab, wellness room, dining hall, and separate hostels for girls and boys. In addition, solar panels are installed for lighting and motion sensors.

Sphoorti strives to ensure the utmost experience for kids in their shelter. Besides, they also support local Government schools with notebooks, shoes, and school bags.

“Children are one-third of our population and all of our future.” — Sphoorti Foundation.

In times of distress, the team also reaches out to the needy and less privileged communities. After the lockdown was announced, they extended help to migrant workers traveling home on foot. Sphoorti was able to distribute 8000+ grocery kits and 30,000 bread packets.

These are just 3 organisations that have come forward and done their bit to help the underprivileged in times of crisis. There are many more organizations who need your help to make the change we want to see. Go on, stretch your hand out and start delivering happiness to people.




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India’s most trusted and transparent crowdfunding platform, with a vision to create a social impact.

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