5 Heartwarming Thank You Notes That Prove Donating On Donatekart Can Make A Real Impact

Kindness is a virtue that can make a huge impact with small acts. As the Dalai Lama had said, “Be kind whenever it is possible, and it is always possible.” The joy of giving someone is not just fulfilling but also reinstates our faith in humanity.

Out of the various options that one has, crowdfunding is a wonderful way to bring about a change in someone’s life. Donatekart, India’s most trustworthy and transparent crowdfunding platform offers a plethora of choices from which one can decide to make a difference. Following some simple steps, you can be a donor and bring people together for a greater cause.

How would you know if your donation has made an impact?

Simple, you will receive heartwarming thank you notes about the cause to which you have donated.

Here are 5 heartwarming thank you notes that will fill your heart with joy:

Making The Difference : When the entire country was reeling from the second wave of the pandemic, Making The Difference stood its ground and helped every one of them who were in need of oxygen cylinders etc.

Dear Patrons,

We are really overwhelmed by the response received from all corners of the world. Donatekart and “Making the difference” are committed to delivering an impact on the ground.

We are running a helpline where people can call and request for oxygen cylinders, beds, medicines and food. Our team is trying to cater to the requirement at the earliest.

We are also working closely with government hospitals and covid centers to fulfil their immediate bed and oxygen requirements. In addition, we are providing oxygen cylinders to critical home quarantine patients. Till now over 100+ beds have been contributed to hospitals and more are in the process of delivery.

Here are the pictures of the same.

We are not allowed to enter the hospital because of COVID restrictions. As a result, we are unable to share pictures. However, we have requested medical staff to click pictures and share them with us. We will be updating those pictures soon .

We are happy to inform you that we are able to procure the first lot of 350 Oxygen Concentrators which is expected to fly on 7th May from Foshan, China. Another 500 Oxygen Concentrators are under process which we are trying to get by the first week of May. Rest are expected to reach by 15th May 2021, but we are trying our level best to expedite the process.

Big thank you once again for all your support.


Team Making The Difference

Sadbhavna Vrudhashrama — Sadhbhavna Vrudhashram was started to care for the elderly by providing them with basic medicines, daily amenities and giving them financial support since they don’t have pensions. They have worked relentlessly towards their mission. Here is an update:

Dear Donors,

I started Sadhbhavna Vrudhashram to care for the elderly by providing them with basic medicines, daily amenities and giving them financial support since they don’t have pensions. All I want to do is give them a better life during their last years. And I’m very grateful that you have joined me on this journey! Thanks to you, we have received 100 packets of adult diapers. The elders can now live a comfortable and hygienic life. I’m so grateful for all your support. Please keep supporting us.


Vijay Dobariya

Agape: Lynne Voggu from Massachusetts started Agape, a home for children orphaned by AIDS, with the aim to give them the respect and care they deserve. Here, all the children’s needs, from medical to education, are taken care of. All the children at Agape have lost their parents to AIDS, and close to half of them are HIV+ themselves.

Dear Donors,

As Agape’s founder and managing director, quality has always been a great concern of mine. Quality food and nutrition are extremely important when caring for HIV-infected children. It has been a wonderful experience to work with DonateKart — a company equally committed to providing the best of everything. All the provisions we have received are of premium quality. Their commitment to quality and commitment is nothing short of impressive. I’m so grateful for their help and for all those who’ve donated. We also request you to visit the earlier update posted below.

Together with partners like DonateKart and warm-hearted donors like all of you we can continue to help these children get the good food and nutrition they need to stay healthy & grow up strong. Please stay with us on this journey.


Lynne Voggu, Founder & Managing Director, Agape.”

All Creatures Great And Small (ACGS) — Anjali Gopalan, founder of All Creatures Great And Small (ACGS), strives to change the plight of these helpless animals. After volunteering at an animal shelter in Delhi in 2010, Anjali was alarmed by the poor conditions of the shelter. She saw that it lacked care and compassion and hence, decided to start her own animal shelter. Named All Creatures Great And Small (ACGS), this shelter in Haryana is a sanctuary for 700 animals including 450 stray dogs, cats, goats, horses, and other animals who are injured, sick, or disabled.

Dear Donors,

We try our best to provide quality health care and nutritional support to more than 700 distressed animals in our house. Among these 700 animals, 400+ dogs have seen nothing but cruelty for most of their lives. But with the support of all the donors at Donatekart, they have now seen kindness. They now get healthy meals every day and are very happy and grateful for all the love you have shown them. You have given the animals at the sanctuary a better life. There is hope in the world for the voiceless because people like you exist! Lots of love and gratitude to all of you from the ACGS family!

The details of the products delivered are mentioned below-

Pedigree Adult Chicken and Puppy pouch

Whiskas Dry and Gravy Food- 1142 bags

Chappi- 23 Bags







Ambubai Foundation : Dattu Agarwal hasn’t had an easy life. Visually impaired from the age of 3, he has had to overcome several hurdles along the way. In 2007, he founded the Ambubai Residential School For Blind Girls in memory of his mother. This school in Gulbarga, Karnataka started with just four girls. Today, it has 75 girls who work hard on their studies day and night in hope for a bright future. Dattu Agarwal wants to give them the best education he can.

“Dear donors,

The 75 girls who are studying in Ambubai Residential School For Blind Girls deserve nothing less than the best. I have always wanted to give them a better future and a start to that would be to build a safer, disabled friendly building where the girls can have the right infrastructure with modern amenities. While I was able to start the construction of the new school building, I was forced to stop due to the lack of funds .However, with your kind donations now, we have almost finished the construction of the compound wall and will soon start working on the main building. Thank you so much. Your help will go a long way in changing the lives of the girls already studying there, as well as the ones who would join them in the future. Please continue supporting us.


Prof. Dattu Agarwal,


Ambubai Residential School For Blind Girls”

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