5 Movies About People Coming Together To Make A Difference

Movies have always been a source of great entertainment. Whether you are bored, looking for some inspiration, or want to reminisce about good times spent while watching blockbusters, movies can be a great way to transport you to a parallel world temporarily. However, another thing that you can do through movies is get the motivation to make a difference.

With a plethora of movies that show a group of unlikely characters coming together to create a better world in the fictional universe, it is not difficult to get the urge to make a difference yourself. Here are 5 movies that have touched people’s hearts by showing people coming together for a collective cause and making a difference:

1. Rang De Basanti

Arguably one of the greatest Bollywood movies, this movie successfully reached out to the youth by showing them what collective power of the youth is capable of! By taking a group of uninterested students and putting them smack in the middle of a politically turbulent scenario, the movie resonated incredibly well about how the youth can change the way society works only if they come together.

2. Snowpiercer

This Korean and English-language movie is the ideal example of the oppression of the poor and how they can come together to revolt against that oppression when pushed to the edge. In a single train carrying the entire rest of humanity in a post-apocalyptic world, the lower-class citizens in the last car have had enough and fight through many elements to reach the front of the train occupied by the wealthy. The stark class differences bring to light the vast difference between the upper and lower classes in real life as well.

3. Swades

Much like Rang De Basanti, Swades also deals with themes of patriotism and how patriotic feelings urge people to come together when in need. The story revolves around Mohan Bhargava, an Indian-origin scientist working in NASA who returns to India only to get exposed to the harsh realities of rural life. There, he pledges to use his information to enlighten the lives of the poor.

4. The Harry Potter series

One of the cult favourites by audiences worldwide, the entire Harry Potter series is a beautiful representation of how good prevails over evil if one learns to be selfless and when people join hands for the greater cause, disregarding personal differences and opinions. Witnessed from the perspective of Harry, Hermione and Ron, the three friends lead a group into standing up against the evil Lord Voldemort in an attempt to make the magical world a safe place once again.

5. Okja

Another Bong Joon-ho film, Okja is the tale of the rooted purity in children and animals and the very legitimate issue of animal abuse and exploitation that generally goes on in the food production and processing industry. The addition of the fantastical element of the “superpig” Okja, who had been bred in a lab to meet the growing demands for meat, does a great job of highlighting the severity of the issue even more. The story’s protagonist is a young girl, Mija, who is accompanied by an army of animal rights activists to stop her beloved pet superpig from being slaughtered for human greed.

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