5 People Who Quit Their Jobs To Make A Difference In India

4 min readOct 12, 2021


It is often seen that people who make a big impact on the world rarely follow the rules and set paths. While the safety and perks of a lucrative job are alluring to most, there are some who pursue a higher calling. Here are 5 such people who quit their jobs to follow a different purpose:

  1. Robin Keshaw

Robin Keshaw, who graduated with degrees in Computer Science and Economics from BITS Pilani, hails from Forbesganj in northern India. Having worked two years as a Software Engineer for VMWare, Robin decided to quit his job and join Teach For India. He explains that the complacency of the corporate environment, restricting oneself to the comfort zone, and the inadequacy of the Indian education system all prompted him to make his decision. As a fellow at Teach For India, Robin teaches underprivileged children in government schools and loves the difference he makes to the lives of the children and all the things he gets to learn from them in return.

2. Gloria Benny

Gloria joined Google soon after graduation in its advertising operations and worked in an exciting role that allowed her to travel and enjoy the rest of the perks that came with the job. On a visit to Cochin in 2006 with her friends, Gloria had an insight into the poor quality of the education given to the underprivileged and orphan children. Determined to improve things for the good, the group started to Make A Difference (MAD)- a large group of motivated youngsters who would educate children. In 2006 after the company was registered, Gloria and Jithin Chacko quit their jobs to dedicate their full time to the cause.

3. Sanjay Mucharla

Sanjay Mucharla, who has a background in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, worked at Google as an analyst before he was taken by Facebook as a Marketing Analyst. He quit this lucrative job and moved back from California to pursue something that felt more meaningful to him. His love for sports and the life lessons he took from it inspired him to reach out for a higher cause. He joined ProjectKHEL- an NGO that uses sports and other interactive methods to influence the lives of children by teaching them important life skills. He maintains that although his sports work is more tiring, he always looks forward enthusiastically to the next day.

4. Priti Bhosale

Before she found her calling in volunteering for community and environmental causes, Priti worked as a copywriter. She always harbored a fondness for nature and an interest in wildlife and photography. When she came across GreenSouls, which was a small group that experimented with organic farming in limited urban spaces, she was drawn to the idea. After quitting her job, Priti joined the group and visited the farms for volunteer work. The farms today feed underprivileged children and cancer patients.

5. Shivali Miglani

Shivali Miglani, who worked as an Assistant Professor in Finance until 2014, realized that her students did not care much about voting in the General Elections. She started Voteworks- a social initiative which helped to register more than 20,000 people to vote within 2 months. She continued with her desire to reach out more to people and today runs the NGO — Desi Cows For Better India. The organization works to conserve the native cow breeds and approach the industry from the point of H.E.A.L (Health, Environment, Agricultural and Legal aspects).




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