5 Reasons why you should donate on Donatekart

In the past few decades, there has been an immense increase in crowdfunding campaigns. However, when it comes to donating on a platform, there can be various things that might make us think twice. With so many crowdfunding platforms supporting noble causes, it can be hard to understand which one to choose.

Donatekart was built as a social platform to help people from across the world donate products to vulnerable individuals in need. We believe in trust and transparency.

Here are a few reasons why you should donate on Donatekart-

#1. The Donatekart Advantage

Donatekart is India’s first social enterprise which provides a unique crowdfunding platform to help the poor and the marginalized communities who are in need of help. It also doubles as a platform that helps NGOs and social organizations to procure products to help the poor.

Here at Donatekart, we believe in in-kind donations. We don’t accept money. We only list the products that the beneficiaries need in times of distress. It could be a grocery kit for a poor family. Or perhaps, sanitary napkins for the women in need. We create campaigns based on the need of the beneficiaries.

We encourage you to donate in-kind, not money.

#2. Transparency at its best

Our vision is to see every Indian contribute 2% of their income to help those in need. The lack of transparency is one thing that stops most of us from contributing to NGOs. At Donatekart, we are trying to address this problem using our innovative model. We believe that with the effective use of technology and introducing crowd-funding to the Indian public, we can create a much effective giving culture.

You can choose a cause that is close to your heart and donate products, not money. And the donated products are shipped to the NGOs by Donatekart. The NGOs in turn distribute the same among the beneficiaries.

#3. Frequent updates

We value each and every donation that comes in. Keeping this mind, we ensure that as soon as our NGO partners receive the products, they send updates in the form of pictures and videos.

We send updates to our donors to show them the impact they were able to make from the comfort of their homes.

For updates related to the campaign, you can always visit the campaign. However, we also send donors updates via email and WhatsApp.

#4. Donate the right products

In times of need, we often give whatever we can. However, we might not be able to address their need. We constantly work with our NGO partners who’re out on the field. We understand the requirements of the beneficiaries and choose the right products at its lowest cost. This way, you can donate the right products to the beneficiaries.

#5. Donate in the hour of need

We are always on the lookout for those who need your support, your help. While some troubles are persistent irrespective of changing circumstances, some take place due to sudden adversities. It could be natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, famine, and sudden disasters like the COVID-19 outbreak. It’s crucial to reach out to them as soon as possible to give timely help. With your support, we can provide relief material as soon as possible by collaborating with our NGO partners on the ground.

There is no end to the struggles we see in our daily life. It can be quite calming to realize that we might be a little more privileged than others. We urge you to join us on this remarkable journey to spread happiness and to help others live a better life.

Together, we can overcome any struggle.

India’s most trusted and transparent crowdfunding platform, with a vision to create a social impact.