TW: suicidal thoughts, depression

“I dropped out of engineering college in 2016 and started a small restaurant called Street 16 in my hometown, Sikand, Madhya Pradesh. I had borrowed money from my friends to open the restaurant, but in 2018 I got diagnosed with a skin disease and everything changed then. I couldn’t be near food for health and safety reasons, and I had to keep going to the doctor for treatment. I then had no option to close my restaurant in 2020.

I was 18 lakh in debt, with no way to pay even a single rupee back. I…

— Story by Life Beyond Numbers

This Tamil Nadu Collector has come forward like a ray of hope in the Virudhunagar district by launching an initiative to aid the disabled.

J Meghanatha Reddy, Collector with the ‘Udhyam’ initiative, is constructing accessible toilets for specially-abled by providing basic facilities at their homes.

During a meeting conducted on July 6, Pandiselvi, a specially-abled, spoke to the district collector about not having an accessible toilet as she had to crawl to use it. The officials then decided to build disabled-friendly toilets in the homes. Over two months, around five toilets have been installed.

While we often appreciate and respect the entrepreneurial spirit and the heights of success that many Indian entrepreneurs have achieved, we often forget about the lives they’ve impacted in the process. There are several entrepreneurs who not only dedicate their time and efforts to their company or work but also spend in equal measures for social causes.

These entrepreneurs are known for their generosity and continue to use their power and money to help thousands.

Here are 6 Indian entrepreneurs who are also philanthropists:

Menstrual blood — it’s the only blood not traumatically induced. And yet, our modern society makes it rare to speak of or see it, except privately by women.

The taboo and stigma associated with women’s health and menstruation are global. In India, it has coupled with poverty to create an environment that is unsafe and inhospitable for women.

Did you know that several women use rags during their period? Most of them are unaware of periods, health, and hygiene until they come of age. . One in five girls ends up dropping out of school because she has attained puberty.

Hunger, poverty and malnourishment is a rampant issue in our country. In the 2020 Global Hunger Index, India ranked 94th out of the 107 countries listed. 14 percent of the Indian population is undernourished.

On top of this, the COVID-19 pandemic has served a deadly blow to the hunger crisis of the country. What started off as a health crisis soon turned into a livelihood crisis — subsequently into a hunger and malnutrition catastrophe, especially for the ones in the lower rungs of the society.

The pandemic has led to an increase in food insecurity, pushing millions of people into…

Today movies are so much more than just a means of entertainment. They’re storytelling mediums that can be educative, informative, and throw light on important issues. Some movies leave such a lasting impression on us that we often revisit them. Among these are stories of real people, who’ve overcome real adversities and made a difference to the people around them. They are our real-life heroes, whose stories have found a place on the big screen and in our hearts.

At Donatekart, we believe in celebrating changemakers and our #AsliHeroes. …

We’ve all been there — helplessly watching as everything around us feels like it’s crumbling. Especially in the last year or so. These are difficult times, and now more than ever, it’s evident that even a small gesture of kindness can go a long, long way. If you’ve been wondering how you can contribute your time and effort to make a difference, we’re here to help.

Here are 5 NGOs you can volunteer with who are creating an impact and working towards education, child rights, hunger eradication, and much more.

1. People For Animals (PFA): With a nationwide network of…

Every year, India sees many visitors from across the world. Some come to experience the rich heritage of this diverse country, some come here in search of a spiritual journey, and some come here only to find that India isn’t what they imagined at all. Everyone who leaves takes back plenty of memories and fascinating stories. However, there are those who find their solace and purpose in India and stay back to do their bit for the country they now call home.

Here are 4 of them who work tirelessly to help hundreds in India, and continue to create an…

It is no secret that the streets of India are home to several animals. We wouldn’t flinch at the sight of a dog darting across the road as we drive through or a cow unhurriedly going through the trash to find scraps to eat.

While we have a fair share of animals born and living as strays, there are many more that get added to the streets every year. People buy dogs only to realize they cannot commit to the hard work. Some have dogs that are too old, too sick, or now incapable of having babies. …

Tokyo Paralympics 2020 are off to a great start. India has won 7 medals so far, with some outstanding performances by our athletes. 54 Indian athletes are competing from 25th August to 6th September 2021 across nine sports. All of them have overcome several hurdles and today, make our country proud.

In the spirit of celebration, here are Indian women athletes competing in the games, two of whom have already won a medal each:



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