Frequently Asked Questions

How to donate on Donatekart?
You can donate on Donatekart in just 3 simple steps:

1.Visit the campaign of your choice, add the desired quantities of products that you wish to donate and click on ‘Donate Now’

2. Enter your details and proceed to payment.

3. Choose your preferred mode of payment and complete the transaction

Note: For international donations ( Non-INR ) please change the currency on the checkout page to the corresponding currency like USD, CAD etc to successfully complete the donation using our international gateway, Stripe.

You may also refer to the tutorial below to understand the same:

International cards not working?
We do accept international payments. We request you to check the currency on the checkout page and proceed to pay. You will be redirected to our international payment gateway, Stripe, where you can complete the payment using your international card.

Note: International donations will not go through, when currency is set to ‘INR’ on the checkout page.

Are you looking for 80G tax receipt?
You can obtain your 80G tax receipt using the GET80G button on the thank you page which comes right after making the payment
- Alternatively, the GET80G button is present in the order confirmation email sent to the registered email ID given during the transaction
- From this button, navigate to the claim form, fill in the required details as per PAN and click on submit

Note: Your 80G tax receipt shall be sent to the mentioned email ID within 24hrs

What is your Gpay/PhonePe/Paytm phone number /Account Number to transfer money?
We don’t have any UPI phone numbers as we do not accept direct money transfers. Our platform accepts in-kind donations instead of traditional monetary donations as Donatekart started with a motive to bring transparency in the donations made to charities.

Are the donations going to beneficiaries/is it legit?

We understand your concern about the distribution and utilization of the products. We post regular updates for campaigns, which you can find on the campaign page of the NGO that you have chosen to donate to. In these updates, you will find pictures/videos of the product distribution and their utilization.

Why do we collect the tip amount?

The tip amount is not a fixed amount. Donors can tip voluntarily and can customize the amount based on how satisfactory our service has been. The tip amount will be used by Donatekart to scale impact, promote campaigns, manage logistics, and the rise in prices of the listed products during the campaign.

Note: The tip amount is excluded from the receipt and the 80G certificate.

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