#PeopleOfDonatekart: Meet Aswin Saktivel

“It was the day before my 10th board results came out and the atmosphere at home was pensive. Unfortunately, it was not out of worry for my result but because we weren’t sure if we would even see the next sunrise.

My father’s company had gone bankrupt and he had incurred huge losses. There was no way he could recover them. We had lost all hope, but my mother decided to take the reins in her hands. And that’s when I knew that everything would fall into place. My mother is a powerhouse of a woman. Whatever she takes under her wings is sure to be a success — whether it’s her special sambar or bringing her whole family back on track again.

She was in her mid-thirties when she interviewed for the job of a Hindi teacher and got it too. Amma started taking care of the house as well as the finances. That was the moment when our lives turned around.

We left my hometown, Madurai and shifted to Coimbatore. Amma had sold all her jewelry and we were able to rent a house there — our ancestral home was gone. It was not easy; shifting from a lifestyle where I had everything to calculating every single rupee that was spent. But my mother made it seem effortless. Had it not been for her, I would have never pushed myself out of my comfort zone and did things that I could have never imagined doing.

I finished school and was in college then but I had to take up a job in a call center. While my mornings were spent with people my age, some of whom have become my friends for life — my nights were spent helping people book a ride in an auto or a cab. I wasn’t free on weekends too — I used to sell sweet corn at exhibitions to make ends meet.

But all these efforts paid off. Right now, I am not only very happy with the job I have and the people I am working with but I have also made my mother very proud. I have started building a home for all of us — so that we don’t miss what we had in Madurai. Amma has retired now for a well-deserved break. I intend to make the best use of this opportunity by watching all our favourite Rajniknath movies together — just like the old days.”

-Aswin Saktivel, Donor Social Media Support

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