This Independence Day, Here’s How You Can Give Back To Society

This year, we are going to celebrate 74 years of Independence that we attained after countless sacrifices. It is with sheer pride that each of us will witness our tri-colored flag unfurl and lend our voice to Jana Gana Mana. This day marks our freedom and it’s a great day to celebrate. However, it’s also a day we should remember the needy, the under-privileged and the ones who are struggling to survive each day.

By helping them, you can give back the hope they’ve lost and help them have faith in a better tomorrow.

Empower Swadesi Weavers to encourage #MakeinIndia

Handloom weaving is considered by many to be the second largest community of working individuals in rural India. Over 1000 families at Koyyalagudem, a village in Telangana, contribute towards the production of the finest Ikat sarees, fabrics, and bed covers. Over 65 lakh individuals depend on Handloom weaving for their livelihood. This community is striving to preserve their rich culture and heritage. However, these families are struggling to survive in these tough times..

Creative Bee is an organisation that has been striving to create sustainable livelihoods for this community. For over 20 years, Bina Rao and her team has been empowering these handloom weavers from Koyyalagudem. The weavers didn’t have proper work in the starting. The little work that they did have was deprived of them because of the pandemic outbreak. You can help these weavers feed their children and have a better life.

By helping them, you’ll also be empowering the notion — Make In India. Donate now to help these women give their children a better life.

Help kids living in the slums have a nourishing life

India is home to the largest population of slum children in the world. These poor kids are deprived of proper nutrition, living conditions, and education. On some days, all they have to eat are leftovers. This way, more than often, they resort to unhealthy means of survival. We cannot expect them to grow into the future of our nation while their own future is filled with uncertainties.

Chandni Khan and Dev Pratap Singh, two former slum dwellers, have founded Voice of Slums to provide for the poor slum kids. They have educated around 300 such kids to bring them into mainstream society. 50, out of them, have secured jobs already. During the pandemic, the team also distributed over 8,60,000 cooked meals to slum kids and their families. Having seen the darkest of times, these two former slum dwellers have resolved to change the lives of poor kids. They want to ensure that each of these slum children grow up to be the future of our nation.

You can be a part of this mission by contributing to our campaign in association with Voice of Slums.

Donate a Remote Learning Kit to Help Deaf Children

About 95% of deaf kids are born into families without hearing disabilities. As a result, their parents can do little to communicate with them. On top of that, schools are now closed owing to the pandemic situation. All these children with special needs are stuck at home. Not just their educational but social and emotional developments are stalled as well. After all, every such kid in India doesn’t have access to digital equipment and infrastructure for e-learning.

Blee TV facilitates digital learning through content in Indian sign language. They have created a remote learning kit for deaf kids. The Blee Kit consists of 3 workbooks and a stationery kit. These books have maths and language development activities to keep the children engaged. At the same time, the lessons also have comics and interesting lessons to help deaf children learn about COVID-19.

With your support, thousands of poor deaf children can learn from their homes. Donate now, to help these children learn from home.

Your decision to donate will weave a fabric of social change. A change that’s crucial for a better society, a better life, and a better tomorrow. We wish you all, a Happy Independence Day.

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