This Tamil Nadu Collector Is Building Accessible Toilets For Specially-Abled People

— Story by Life Beyond Numbers

This Tamil Nadu Collector has come forward like a ray of hope in the Virudhunagar district by launching an initiative to aid the disabled.

J Meghanatha Reddy, Collector with the ‘Udhyam’ initiative, is constructing accessible toilets for specially-abled by providing basic facilities at their homes.

During a meeting conducted on July 6, Pandiselvi, a specially-abled, spoke to the district collector about not having an accessible toilet as she had to crawl to use it. The officials then decided to build disabled-friendly toilets in the homes. Over two months, around five toilets have been installed.

The toilets are equipped with a ramp, a western commode, a hand faucet, and rails, so the user does not require help. Furthermore, the restrooms are spacious enough to allow the movements of a wheelchair.

The initiative, according to Collector Reddy, intends to reach over 100 people in the following days. It costs around Rs. 30,000 to 35,000 to build one sustainable and cost-effective toilet.

Reddy has not only been working towards disabled-friendly toilets but is also involved in an initiative, “Green Dawn.” This initiative ensures the effectiveness of current mass tree-planting programs, increasing green cover, converting barren land into green areas, and ensuring their long-term sustainability by developing supporting infrastructure.

On six acres of grazing area in Cunnoor in Watrap block, a large tree plantation was done as a part of “Green Dawn.” According to the reports, they will now provide Earthen bunds, farm ponds, 500 fodder trees, 300 fruit-bearing trees, 200 timber-bearing trees, 1,200 casuarina trees, and 1,500 herbal plants for the area.

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